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VHS to Digital Conversion Service in Saskatoon

VHS to Digital

When video camcorders came out in the early 80s, families began capturing their lives. Technology has changed so much.

Unfortunately, VHS tapes degrade over time. Preserve your video tapes by having them converted to digital or DVD.

Photo Scanning

If you grew up before the 2000s, you probably have a box with multiple photo albums and hundreds of memories.

With our photo scanning service, we can help you preserve those memories for generations to come. 

Slide Scanning

Slides in a carousel slide projector are a thing of the past. Technology has changed and sharing photos with loved ones is now instant.

Protect your memories and preserve history by having your slides scanned digitally for generations to come.

Film Negative Scanning

It wasn’t long ago that people were buying film for their 35mm or SLR cameras. Digital cameras have changed everything.

If you still have film negatives kicking around that you’d like to preserve, we can scan your 35mm film into high-resolution digital images! 

Take a spin on your banana seat bike as we bring your memories back to life!

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Hi, my name is Quinn. I’m a teenager from Saskatoon and the owner of Flashback Digital. I convert video tapes that are older than me! I am a young entrepreneur from a family of entrepreneurs. Learn how this all came to be…

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