Audio Conversion

audio conversion

Hey, do you have a bunch of vintage records, retro cassettes, or CDs lying around, filled with all your fave jams? Well, guess what? We’ve got an audio conversion service that can totally turn those bad boys into digital copies!

The problem with those old analog recordings is that they can get scratched up and deteriorate over time. But don’t worry! Converting them into digital format means they’ll last for years and years to come. And once they’re digital, you can upload ’em right to your phone or tablet and have your tunes with you everywhere you go!

Convert CD to MP3

Our CD to MP3 conversion service will totally convert all your CDs into MP3 format, so you can jam out to your fave tunes wherever you go on your smart device! CDs are totally awesome, but one lil’ scratch can ruin the whole thing. But once your music is all MP3-ified, you can store it super easy and it’ll last way longer than any old CD! So why wait? Protect your music collection today!

CD conversion
cassette conversion

Cassette to MP3

If you’re old enough to know what a mixed tape is, then you probably have a whole stash of cassettes with some seriously valuable audio on them. Whether it’s your fave tunes, a seminar, or an interview that meant a lot to you, we’ve got just the thing to make sure those memories live on! Our cassette to MP3 conversion service is the way to go! Trust us, once you get all that audio in MP3 format, you’ll be able to listen to it anytime, anywhere, and it’ll never fade away.

Record to MP3

Have you ever listened to an old-school vinyl record and felt all the vibes? Well, there’s nothing like it, except when that record has a nasty scratch on it! Vinyl has always been such a rad way to listen to music, but since it’s a physical product, it can get damaged super easily. We provide record to MP3 conversion service, so you can listen to ’em anytime, anywhere, and they’ll never get scratched up again. So why wait? Contact us today to preserve all those special vinyl records!

Record conversion

Cost to Convert Audio


Our audio conversion base rate is $25 + $0.30/minute of converted audio.


Have your converted files backed up to a USB thumb drive for safe keeping. Viewable in computers, laptops and most modern DVD players, TVs and video game consoles.


We will upload your converted video files into the cloud and send you a link to download to your computer. Great option for sharing.

Sit back on your chesterfield and relax as we bring your memories back to life!