Negative Scanning

negatives scanning

What Are Negatives?

Have you ever heard of film negatives? They were totally used back in the day to create super cool paper photos that looked amazing! They were like the OG way to capture memories, you know? But, here’s the bummer – negatives are super fragile and can get ruined by things like fire, water, scratches, and other disasters. And, if your negatives get wrecked, your pics are totally gone forever! Plus, photos on paper can turn yellow, fade, and tear.

But, check this out – the pics made from negatives are way higher quality than regular printed photos! So, if you scan your negatives, you can totally save those special moments in a way better resolution than scanning printed pics. It’s like magic, right? But, here’s the thing – most people didn’t keep their film negatives, which totally sucks.

Scanning Negatives to Digital

If you still have your old film negatives, you’re in luck! We can totally digitize them for you and keep them safe forever!

Not only that, but we can also scan your film positives, like slides and stuff. Our negative scanning service is the bomb because you can keep, share, and print all your favourite memories without worrying about them getting messed up over time. So cool, right? Below are the most popular sizes that we scan. If you have negatives that are a different size, contact us.

photo negative scanning

Negative Scanning Costs


Our base rate is $25 plus $0.30/frame. We scan multiple slide sizes: 35mm film, 110 film, 126 film at high resolution at 3200dpi and export as 14MP JPG images.


Have your converted files backed up to a USB thumb drive for safe keeping. Viewable in computers, laptops and most modern DVD players, TVs and video game consoles.


We will upload your converted video files into the cloud and send you a link to download to your computer. Great option for sharing.

*There is a minimum $25 charge for scanning. If you have hundreds of negatives, please contact us for a bulk price. Cropping, rotating and standard adjustments for colour, contrast and brightness are included if necessary.

Sit back on your chesterfield and relax as we bring your memories back to life!