Photo Scanning Service

photo scanning service

Why Scan Photos?

Do you have any old-school paper photos or Polaroids? They can last forever if you protect them from air, moisture, and fire! But TBH, paper photos can get ruined by water, mice, or even stolen by robbers. Like, not cool!

That’s why archiving photos is the way to go if you wanna keep those memories alive for years to come! Digital pics don’t take up any physical space, and with the internet, you can keep them in a ton of places to make sure they’re safe! So, let’s scan those pics!

Photo Archiving

Did you know you can scan anything on paper that’s worth keeping? Like, seriously, we provide photo archiving of documents, certificates, letters, newspaper articles, and more!

And, let’s not forget about pics of weddings, birthday parties, graduations, anniversaries, vacations, and all that fun stuff. But, here’s the thing: those memories won’t last forever unless you digitize them.

So, why not take a stroll down memory lane and keep all your amazing memories safe for generations to come? Like, seriously, your grand and great-grandkids will be SO grateful you did!

scanning service

Photo Scanning Costs


Our base rate is $25 plus $0.30/photo. Photos are scanned in 600 dpi high resolution using a high quality flatbed scanner and stored digitally in JPG format.​


Have your converted files backed up to a USB thumb drive for safe keeping. Viewable in computers, laptops and most modern DVD players, TVs and video game consoles.


We will upload your converted video files into the cloud and send you a link to download to your computer. Great option for sharing.

*There is a minimum $25 charge for scanning. If you have hundreds of photos, please contact us for a bulk price. Cropping, rotating and standard adjustments for colour, contrast and brightness are included if necessary.

Take a drive in the old station wagon while we bring your memories back to life!