Photo Scanning

photo scanning


Paper photographs and plastic negatives can last for generations when they are well protected in an air-tight, moisture-resistant, fireproof location.

However, the problem with paper photos is that it can be destroyed by fire, moisture and rodents and can be stolen by thieves.

Archiving photos is the best way to preserve memories for generations to come. Digital photos take up zero physical space, and with the internet, they can be kept in multiple locations for safe-keeping.

Media We Scan

Scanning Prices

Photo Scanning Service $0.30/photo

Photos are scanned in 600 dpi high resolution using a high quality flatbed scanner and stored digitally in jpg format.

Slide Scanning $0.35/slide

We scan multiple slide sizes: 135 slide (2x2"), 110 slide (2x2" & 1x1"), 126 slide (2x2") at high resolution at 3200dpi and export as 14MP jpg images.

Negative Film Scanning $0.35/frame

We scan multiple film negative sizes: 35mm film (36x24 mm), 110 film (13x17 mm), 126 film (28x28 mm), Super 8 film (8x4 mm) at high resolution at 3200dpi and export as 14MP jpg images..

*There is a minimum $25 charge for scanning. If you have hundreds of photos, please contact us for a bulk price. Cropping, rotating and standard adjustments for colour, contrast and brightness are included if necessary.

Take a drive in the old station wagon while we bring your memories back to life!

Scanning Questions

What format do you save the files in?

Our standard format is JPG, but we can do virtually any format on request.

Do you restore photos?

We don't typically restore photos. However, we may fix colour, brightness, contrast and adjust cropping if needed.

What resolution do you scan in?

For photographs we scan at 600DPI. For film and slides we scan at 3200DPI and the output is a 14MP jpg photo.

How long does it take?

We typically have a turnaround of 4-6 business days, but depends on quantity and work queue.

Do you esport in international PAL format?

We can. Please inquire for more details.

What do you accept for payment?

We currently accept cash, cheque or e-transfer. Payment is required before files are handed over.

Do you scan positive slides too?

Yes, we scan both negative slides and positive slides.