Scanning Service

scanning service

Hey there! Okay, so real talk: printed photos and slides are pretty cool, but they’re not invincible. They can get damaged by water, fire, and they can fade or tear over time. That’s where our scanning service comes in! We take your old physical photos, slides, negatives, and positives and turn them into digital files that you can easily access and share.

The best part? Digital files are way more secure and convenient than physical ones. You don’t have to worry about them getting lost or damaged, and you can access them from anywhere. Plus, our scanning service is great for preserving your family history or important documents in a digital format. It’s just a really good way to keep all your memories safe and sound!

We can scan all types of photos, including black and white, colour and even those cute old polaroids. We will even scan documents, certificates, awards, news articles, artwork and more. This way, you can keep those precious moments forever and share them with all your loved ones!

Photo Scanning Service
negative scanning

Hey, do you have those old-school slides stacked up in boxes in your attic, just gathering dust? Don’t let those precious memories fade away! We transform slides to digital format to keep them safe for the future. We’ve worked with all sorts of slide sizes, like 135, 126, and 110.

Our negative scanning service will capture both colour and black and white film in all sorts of formats, like 35mm, 126 and 110 film, so you can keep your memories alive and in the best quality possible. Get your negatives scanned and relive those amazing moments all over again!

negatives scanning

Scanning Services Near Me

Hey, are you looking for some scanning services near you? Well, look no further! Our professional scanning services are available all across Canada. We offer high-quality scans, lightning-fast turnaround times, and totally competitive pricing. Let us take the hassle out of archiving all your special memories – we’ve got the skills to make it happen! So why wait? Get started on your project today and let us do all the hard work!