VCR to Digital

VCR to digital

OMG, do you remember those old VCR tapes? They were like the coolest thing back in the day! But like, now, everything’s digital and those VCR tapes are just taking up space and collecting dust. And let’s be real, the quality on those tapes just gets worse over time. I mean, it’s not like they were built to last forever or anything.

But guess what? We’ve got the solution! Our VCR to digital transfer service can convert all your old VCR tapes into digital files that you can easily share with your friends and family on social media, through a USB, or even as a cloud download. And you don’t want to just leave those tapes sitting around, right? They’re just going to keep deteriorating!

So don’t wait any longer! Take action today and make sure those memories you recorded don’t get lost forever. Who knows, maybe your grandkids will thank you for it someday!

Transfer VCR to Digital

We provide VCR to digital conversion services for people across Canada. We’ll convert your VCR tapes and preserve your best memories for safekeeping and easier sharing with those you love. Contact us to get started.

Cost to Convert VCR to Digital


One hour minimum. Price estimate is based on time of converted video. Use our handy conversion estimate calculator below.


Have your converted files backed up to a USB thumb drive for safe keeping. Viewable in computers, laptops and most modern DVD players, TVs and video game consoles.


We will upload your converted video files into the cloud and send you a link to download to your computer. Great option for sharing.


Need your video edited? We will crop out commercials, add music, titles and various clips into a home video as needed.

VCR Conversion Calculator

*Conversion cost is always based on actual converted video time. The calculator above is for a rough estimate of what you can expect.

Sit back on your chesterfield and relax as we bring your memories back to life!