VHS C to Digital

VHS C to digital

Why convert?

Hey there! So, I recently found out that VHS-C tapes were super popular back in the 80s and 90s for recording family memories. They’re like smaller versions of regular VHS tapes, but unfortunately, they deteriorate over time too.

That’s why I think it’s so important to convert VHS-C tapes to digital. By doing that, you can keep those memories safe and share them with family and friends for years to come. Plus, digital files are way easier to store and access than physical tapes.

Overall, while VHS-C tapes definitely have some retro charm, converting them to digital is a super smart move if you want to keep your family memories alive.

VHS C Cassette Adapter

OMG, it’s so annoying that VHS-C tapes can only be played on these old camcorders that are like impossible to find now, and when you do find them, they’re crazy expensive! I tried to play tapes on a VCR with a VHS C cassette adapter, but like seriously, those things are trash. My last one didn’t even last a week! I’ve had to buy so many adapters over the last few years that I finally gave up and got myself a VHS-C camcorder.

Like seriously, don’t waste your money on buying all this fancy equipment just to convert your tapes that you’re only gonna transfer once. We can convert your VHS C tapes for you without any hassle, saving you both time and money.

VHS C cassette adapter

Transfer VHS-C to Digital

We offer VHS-C to Digital conversion services across Canada. Click below to get your precious memories converted for safekeeping and easy sharing!

How Much to Convert VHS-C to Digital?


One hour minimum. Price estimate is based on time of converted video. Use our handy conversion estimate calculator below.


Have your converted files backed up to a USB thumb drive for safe keeping. Viewable in computers, laptops and most modern DVD players, TVs and video game consoles.


We will upload your converted video files into the cloud and send you a link to download to your computer. Great option for sharing.


Need your video edited? We will crop out commercials, add music, titles and various clips into a home video as needed.

VHS-C to Digital Calculator

*Conversion cost is always based on actual converted video time. The calculator above is for a rough estimate of what you can expect.

Sit back on your chesterfield and relax as we bring your memories back to life!